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    Without a doubt, 5G has arrived and various key smartphone OEMs have already announced products that will support 5G cellular and connectivity.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):毫无疑问, 5G已经到来,各种主要的智能手机OEM已经宣布了支持5G蜂窝和连接的产品。


    It is clear for everyone that 5G will totally redefine how the radio frequency (RF) front-end interacts in-between the network and the modem. The new RF bands (sub-6 GHz and mm-wave, as defined in 3GPP release 15) pose big challenges for the industry. The megatrends are today directly impacting the semiconductor and the advanced packaging industries and 5G is of course part of them.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):很明显,5G将完全重新定义射频(RF)前端如何在网络和调制解调器之间进行交互。 新的RF频段(低于6 GHz和毫米波,如3GPP第15版中所定义)给?#21040;?#24102;来了巨大挑战。 今天的大趋?#28006;?#25509;影响半导体和先进的包装行业,5G?#27604;?#26159;其中的一部分。


    “5G will bring more packaging business for outsourced semiconductor and test service (OSATs) providers”, asserts Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):“5G将为外包半导体和测试服务(OSAT)供应商带来更多的包装业务”,Yole Korea首席分析师兼包装,装配和基板总监Santosh Kumar表示。


    Advanced SiP for 5G


    Yole Développement (Yole) and System Plus Consulting, pursue their investigation towards the advanced packaging world and especially highlight today the ones focused on RF applications for cellphones. Under the dynamic context related to the 5G revolution, the leading advanced packaging companies are strongly investing to propose impressive technologies: “From a technology viewpoint, base stations to smartphones, protocols to hardware, semiconductor devices and packaging, 5G requires disruptive innovations and not incremental ones as it was mostly the case in the past,” explains Santosh Kumar from Yole.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):YoleDéveloppement(Yole)和System Plus Consulting致力于对先进封装领域的?#33455;浚?#29305;别是今天专注于手机射频应用的?#33455;俊?在与5G革命相关的动态背景下,领先的先进封装公司正在大力投资以提出令人印象深刻的技术:“从技术?#23884;齲?#22522;站到智能手机,协议到?#24067;?#21322;导体设备和封装,5G需要颠覆?#28304;?#26032;,而不是增量,过去大多数情况都是如此,“来自Yole的Santosh Kumar解释道。


    Advanced RF System-in-Package for Cellphones,

    Yole Développement, 2019

    先进的无线射频系统, Yole Développement, 2019


    This month, both partners release three dedicated reports dedicated to the RF system-in-package (SiP) technologies. With both analyses, Yole and System Plus Consulting would like to give a broad understanding of the industry evolution, the innovative technologies and the strategy of each players.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):本月,两家合作伙伴发布了三份专门针对RF系统级封装(SiP)技术的专用报告。 通过这两项分析,Yole和System Plus Consulting希望广?#27627;?#35299;行业发展,创新技术和每个参与者的战略。


    The “Advanced RF System-in-Package for Cellphones” is a comprehensive review of the SiP market for various RF front-end modules in the mobile business. Market figures, technology trends, competitive landscape and more are part of this analysis.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):“用于手机的高级RF系统级封装”是针对移动业务中各种RF前端模块的SiP市场的全面评估。 市场数据,技术趋势,竞争格局等都是此分析的一部分。


    In addition, System Plus Consulting proposes two case studies to point out the technology choices made by the leading players and the benefits of each of them, with: “Broadcom AFEM-8092 System-in-Package in the Apple iPhone Xs/Xr Series” and “The advanced packaging technology in the Apple Watch Series 4’s System-in-Package”.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):此外,System Plus Consulting还提出了两个案例?#33455;浚?#25351;出了领先企业所做出的技术选择以及每个技术的优势: “Apple iPhone Xs / Xr系列中的Broadcom AFEM-8092系统级封装”和“ Apple Watch Series 4系统级封装中的先进封装技术”。


    Based on a real synergy between their expertise, the companies offer an exhaustive comprehension of SiP solutions for RF applications.



    Advanced RF System-in-Package for Cellphones,

    Yole Développement, 2019

    先进的无线射频系统, Yole Développement, 2019


    Typical RF front-end components in smartphones include various switches, filters, amplifiers and the antennas themselves. More and more, SiP technology is selected by leading companies to answer to the market needs such as the implementation of an increasing number of bands and the development of circuitry in ever smaller surfaces. Therefore its added-value is its ability to gather many ICs, package assembly and test technologies on the same surface. In the end, companies create highly integrated products with optimized cost, size, and performance.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):智能手机中的典型RF前端组件包括各种开关,滤波器,放大器和天线本身。 越来越多的领先公司选择SiP技术来满足市场需求,例如实施越来越多的频?#25105;?#21450;在更小的表面上开发电路。 因此,它的附加值是它能够在同一表面上收集许多IC,封装组件和测试技术。 最终,公司创建了高度集成的产品,并优化了成本,尺寸和性能。


    RF SiP Packaging Market

    RF SiP包装市场

    The RF SiP packaging market can be divided into two segments:

    机器翻译(仅供参考):RF SiP封装市场可分为两个部分:


    The 1st-level packaging of various RF components like filters, switches, and amplifiers at die/wafer level which includes RDL, TSV, and/or bumping steps



    The 2nd-level SiP packaging, which is performed at the SMT level: under this segment, various components are assembled on a SiP substrate along with passives.



    In 2018, the total RF front-end module SiP market (including 1st and 2nd levels) was US$3.3 billion. Five years later, in 2023, it is expected to grow at an 11.3% CAGR, reaching US$5.3 billion.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):2018年,RF前端模块SiP市场(包括第一和第二级)总额为33亿美元。 五年后,即2023年,预计其复合年增长率将达到11.3%,达到53亿美元。


    By 2023, the RF front-end SiP market for cellular and connectivity will constitute 82% and 18% of the total SiP market, respectively. By cellular air standards, front-end modules supporting 5G (Sub-6GHz and mmWave) will account for 28% of the total RF SiP market in 2023. High-end smartphone contributes 43% RF front-end modules SiP assembly market, followed by low-end smartphone (35%) and luxury smartphone (13%).

    机器翻译(仅供参考):到2023年,用于蜂窝和连接的RF前端SiP市场将分别占SiP市场总量的82%和18%。 按照蜂窝空气标准,支持5G(Sub-6GHz和mmWave)的前端模块将占2023年RF SiP市场总量的28%。高端智能手机贡献43%的RF前端模块SiP组装市场,其次是低端智能手机(35%)和豪华智能手机(13%)。


    RF Front-end SiP Supply Chain


    The RF front-end SiP supply chain for 4G is led by a few IDMs like Qorvo, Broadcom (Avago), Skyworks Solutions, and Murata, which outsource part of SiP assembly to OSATs.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):4G的RF前端SiP供应?#20174;?#23569;数IDM领导,如Qorvo,Broadcom(Avago),Skyworks Solutions和Murata,后者将部分SiP组装外包给OSAT。


    Qualcomm emerged as a serious RF front-end player for 5G solutions, especially 5G mmWave, with multiple wins at various mobile OEMs. And the leading company is expected to maintain its dominance in the future. In fact, Qualcomm along with Samsung are the only players that provide complete solutions for 5G, including modem, antenna module, and application processors. Qualcomm, being fabless, outsources all of its SiP assembly, which results in more business opportunities for OSATs. Also, IDMs are focusing more on RF front-end solutions for 5G sub-6Ghz, which also require packaging innovations like the closer placement of components, double-sided mounting, conformal/ compartmental shielding, high accuracy and high-speed SMT, etc. This requires investment in new tools & processes.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):高通公司成为5G解决方案的重要RF前端播放器,特别是5G mmWave,在各种移动OEM厂?#35752;?#22810;?#20301;?#32988;。 预计该领先公司将在未来保持其主导地位。 事实上,高通和三星是唯一为5G提供完整解决方案的厂商,包括调制解调器,天线模块和应用处理器。 高通公司作为无晶圆厂,将其所有SiP装配外包,这为OSAT带来了更多商机。 此外,IDM更加关注5G sub-6Ghz的RF前端解决方案,这也需要封装创新,如更紧密的元件布局,双面安装,保形/隔?#31227;?#34109;,高精度和高速SMT等。这需要投资新的工具和流程。


    Yole and System Plus Consulting analysts believe the burden of high investment in assembly technology will motivate firms to outsource more to OSATs.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):Yole和System Plus Consulting分析师认为,对装配技术的高投入负担将促使公司更多地外包给OSAT。


    The leading smartphones manufacturer Apple, is also part of the SiP playground. Indeed, for the second year, within its new versions of the iPhone, the Xs, Xs max and Xr models, Apple has decided to adopt innovative RF technologies, with the latest and most advanced filter and packaging technology proposed by Broadcom. “Apple’s front-end module is the first to include a flip-chip GaAs-based power amplifier and advanced electromagnetic (EMI) shielding, allowing frequency band sharing in the same SiP platform”, details Stephane Elisabeth, PhD, Expert Cost Analyst, RF, Sensors and Advanced Packaging at System Plus Consulting.

    机器翻译(仅供参考)?#27627;?#20808;的智能手机制造商Apple也是SiP游乐场的一部分。 ?#23548;?#19978;,第二年,在其新版iPhone,Xs,Xs max和Xr型号中,Apple决定采用创新的RF技术,采用Broadcom提出的最新,最先进的滤波器和封装技术。 “Apple的前端模块是第一款采用倒装芯片GaAs功率放大器和先进的电磁(EMI)屏蔽,?#24066;?#22312;同一个SiP平台上进行频段共享”,详细信息Stephane Elisabeth博士,RF专?#39029;?#26412;分析师System Plus Consulting的传感器和高级封装。



    The reverse engineering company, under its RF SiP from Apple, proposes a complete review of the FEM SiP, including a detailed analysis of the matching IC, the filtering dies, the internal and external EMI shielding and the power amplifier. In addition, System Plus Consulting is offering a detailed analysis of the Apple Watch S4 SiP, featuring die analyses, packaging processes and cross-sections.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):这家逆向工程公司在其Apple的RF SiP下提出了对FEM SiP的全面评估,包括对匹配IC,滤波芯片,内部和外部EMI屏?#25105;?#21450;功率放大器的详细分析。 此外,System Plus Consulting还提供Apple Watch S4 SiP的详细分析,包括模具分析,包装流程和横截面。


    “This chip contains at least four innovative packaging technologies from different OSATs player,” explains Stephane Elisabeth from System Plus Consulting. “In the RF applications, our report features analysis of the conformal/ compartmental shielding from ASE, and the double Side BGA from Amkor.”It also includes a relevant comparison between TSMC’s inFO technology since the A9, a cost estimation of a single side RF FEM SiP and a double-side BGA, as well as a detailed comparison with the non-cellular version of the S4 SiP.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):“该芯片至少包含来自不同OSAT玩家的四种创新包装技术,”System Plus Consulting的Stephane Elisabeth解释道。 “在RF应用中,我们的报告分析了ASE的共形/隔?#31227;?#34109;和Amkor的双面BGA。”它还包括自A9以来TSMC的inFO技术之间的相关比?#24076;?#21333;侧RF的成本估算FEM SiP和双面BGA,以及与S4 SiP的非蜂窝版本的详细比较。


    Yole and System Plus Consulting will pursue their collaboration to propose smart technology and market analyses all year long. Next month in China, Yole Group of Companies and its partner NCAP China propose a valuable program of conferences during 2 days welcoming the leaders of the semiconductor industry. This event Advanced Packaging & System Integration Technology Symposium, will take place in Shanghai, China, on April 22 & 23, prior NEPCON China. With a strong focus on the applications side, including the 5G revolution, Yole, System Plus Consulting, NCAP China and invited speakers including Besi, Kulicke & Soffa, Unisoc and more will share their vision of the industry evolution and analyse the technical challenges.

    机器翻译(仅供参考):Yole和System Plus Consulting将继续合作,全年提出智能技术和市场分析。 下个月在中国,Yole集团公司及其合作伙伴NCAP中国在两天内提出了一个有价值的会议计划,欢迎半导体行业的领导者。 本?#20301;?#21160;的高级封装与系统集成技术研讨会将于4月22日和23日在中国上海举行,此前是NEPCON China。 Yole,System Plus咨询,NCAP中国以及包括Besi,Kulicke和Soffa,Unisoc等在内的特邀发言人将重点关注应用方面,包括围绕行业发展和分析技术挑战。

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    半导体原料共经历了三个发展阶段:第一阶段是以硅(Si)、锗(Ge) 为代表的第一代半导体原料;第二阶段是以砷化镓(GaAs)、磷化铟(InP ) 等化合物为代表;第三阶段是以氮化镓(GaN)、碳化矽(SiC)、硒化锌(ZnSe) 等宽频半导体原料为主。

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